Monday, May 16, 2011

Making Frozen and Blender Drinks For Summer

Nothing makes summer sweeter than ice cold frozen drinks at the pool or on the beach. You can really make just about any drink a blender drink by adding ice and running it through a blender. Bartenders use your imagination! If you can afford it, use a bartending blender with all the whistles and bells. You'd be surprised how often you use the extra features when you're trying to make interesting drinks.

Nothing says summer more than fruit and the most summery fruit includes bananas, mangos, watermelons and citrus fruits. You will find that bananas are used most often in frozen and blender drinks, followed by limes. Mint, which is cooling and refreshing, is also a favored ingredient. We kick off the warmer months with the Kentucky Derby and the traditional Mint Julep, made with fresh Mint. Fruit, fruit and more fruit. Summer drinks are popular in both alcoholic and non alcoholic recipes. Nothing is more freshing than a fruit smoothie or a slushie when the weather is hot. Why not just add alcohol and turn your bar into a big party full of thirsty beachgoers and campers? And making blender and frozen drinks is very easy, perhaps even easier than shaking up a cocktail. There isn't much more to it than making a smoothie.

Frozen and blender drinks are most popular in the summer when it's hot and humid outside and people need a cool refresher. There are also great drinks to be enjoyed at summertime celebrations like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. Some great ideas for drinks to serve at Memorial Day celebrations include Big Blue Sky and Summer Cooler. Early summer blender drinks can include patio and barbecue favorites like Frozen Bikini and Royal Peach Freeze. On the Fourth of July you can make up Stars and Stripes as a frozen drink by adding crushed ice to the Pousse Cafe glass before adding the ingredients and then allowing each layer to settle before adding the next. Rainbow Sherbert Punch is another great idea for the Fourth of July, being sure to use Strawberry, Blueberry and Vanilla Sherberts to make the red, white and blue. And don't forget the Betsy Ross, which can be transformed into a frozen drink by adding 1/4 cup of cracked ice and running it all through a blender. To give all of the beverages an old time all American look, use oversized Mugs with handles or large Goblets.

For more information on making great blender and frozen drinks, please read my post on Making Frozen Blender Drinks .

Theme parties are a lot of fun, especially in the summer when everybody feels like getting around and having fun. How about a tropical theme party that you can host outdoors? Have everyone come in Mimosas, Coverups, Bikinis, Baggies, Hawaiian Shirts and Sarongs. Hand out Hibiscus, Bird of Paradise, Passion Flowers and other tropical flowers for women to wear behind their ears. Hand out leis when they first arrive and play beach music. If you know someone who plays Ukulele, then have them play some songs. You can do this in your own backyard, the sandier the better! Just make sure you don't have a lot of sandspurs because most everybody should be wearing flip flops or sandals. If you have a pool, then do it around the pool. Set out bowls and platters full of fresh tropical fruits with meats like jerk Chicken or roasted Pork. Maybe you get your guests to do the Calypso, the Hula, the Limbo or sing Reggae songs with a Guitarist and a Bongo or Conga player. Give out awards for the best "beach costume" or "hawaiian look" or whatever you can think of.

The drinks I would recommend for this kind of theme party include Blue Hawaiians, Fogcutters, Pina Coladas, Mai Tais, Coconut Flips, Polynesian Punch, Coco Locos, Indian Summer, Miami Beach and Sex on the Beach, of course!

For the kids who might come along and can't have the alcohol, try making Banana Milk Shakes , Pineapple Milk Shakes , Tropical Fruit Punch , or Safe Sex on the Beach . Whatever you do, have fun this summer and enjoy a few great new cocktail recipes!

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