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This blog is a reference source for all bartenders, amateur and professional.  It has a growing database of drink recipes as well as many reference posts with guidelines on everything from choosing glassware to measuring ingredients.  Before you stock your bar and prepare to entertain be sure to check these out as well as look for recipes for any ingredient you might choose. 

To search for a particular drink, use the search engine on the sidebar.  To find recipes based on ingredients, use the tag cloud on the lower portion of the sidebar.  If you don't find it in the tag cloud, enter the ingredient into the search engine.  You can also find recipes by using tags for specific events and holidays (such as Thanksgiving) or type of drink (such as hot drink or blender drink).  There are also recipes for non alcoholic drinks and non alcoholic versions of popular drinks.  New drinks for the new milennium are also included as are most popular shooters.

If you have a favorite drink and don't see it here, you can send the recipe to me for inclusion.  You can also just suggest I get the recipe and post it.  Also, if you

So before you get ready to throw your next party or to prepare your bar for your customers, check out the tips and advice we have for you to make sure you make the most of your opportunities to entertain or make money with your bar.

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