Sunday, October 11, 2009

Great Halloween Drinks

Halloween is just around the corner and a lot of folks are planning parties. Theme parties are the funnest, where people dress up and role play. Halloween is the best excuse for these kind of parties and I have always loved dressing up and playing along. If you are thinking about throwing a theme party for Halloween, here are some great drink ideas.

First of all, there are the traditional Halloween drinks like the Zombie, Black Witch, White Lady, Black Lady, Cats Eye and Black Magic. These can be made up and served at any party on Halloween. But if you are thinking about doing something really unusual, here are some great themes: Try throwing a "whodunnit" party with a mystery to solve, serve Death in the Afternoon or Moonlight and give a prize for the person who solves the mystery.

Another idea is to theme around certain costumes, like serving the Pirate Cocktail or the Gypsy and then give prizes to people who show up dressed as Pirates or Gypsys. Late October and early November is the birth time of Scorpio. If you have a Scorpio who is celebrating a birthday, center the party around that theme and serve the Scorpion.

The Red Devil or the El Diablo are great drinks to serve at a party and then give prizes to people who dress up as the red one. Or have everyone dress up as a single costume, like a pirate, devil or gypsy and then let everyone vote for the best. The traditional Bloody Mary is a great theme if you are good at decorating really scary stuff like bloody corpses and ghosts. The Bloody Mary is also very good served as a virgin drink for those guests who do not drink alcohol.

And then there is the Black Hawk and the White Spider, which are variable offerings that can be used for the right theme. I have seen the white spider theme used magically with a big spider made of paper mache and stuffed sheets. I haven't seen the hawk done at all, so that would be up to you and your own ideas.

All of these ideas are really fun at Halloween and help to centralize the theme of your party. Get somebody to tell fortunes or spin scary ghost stories. Play theme music and, if you are really gutsy, have a seance. A crystal ball always makes a great addition to a dark room full of scary costume faces, ghostly music and a bar serving Bloody Marys and Zombies. Have at it.. and enjoy!

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