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How to Stock a Home Bar

Your home bar should reflect your own personal taste and taking the time and energy to design something to your liking is very rewarding. Whether you have a bar with stools, a room full of small tables and chairs or just a portable bar with no seating at all, it is up to you. You must consider the type of home you have, how you entertain, who and how often and how much money you have to spend. Whether you fully stock a large bar or you simply have the basics will all depend again on how often you entertain, what type of home you have and what you can afford. Remember that booze in a bar that hasn't been drunk might be an asset to be used in the future or it could just be a waste of money. If no one wants to drink Schnapps then this is a wasted asset. Consider your friends and family and your own personal drinking habits. Do you have a few cocktails at happy hour every day or do you do a big blowout on the weekends or holidays? Stocking the bar in both instances would be vastly different. If you are a frequent but casual drinker than a variety might be called for. But if you are a big partier who only does this occasionally then consider stocking the basics. But, once again, I must assert this is up to you.

Now, I am going to show you how to stock a bar completely, as if you know a hundred people who all like to drink and drink different things. I am going to show you how to stock a bar if the sky is the limit and you can afford to sink a chunk of change into booze that hasn't yet been enjoyed and might not be for awhile. I am going to show you how to stock a bar as if you expect to make everything from Martinis to Singapore Slings and need garnishes, glassware and tools. It will be up to you to cut the fat, so to speak; to tailor my bar to suit your personal needs and desires.


1 Bottle of Bourbon (750 ml)
1 Bottle of Brandy (750 ml)
1 Bottle of Canadian Whiskey (750 ml)
1 Bottle of Dry Gin (1 3/4 liters)
1 Bottle of Rum (1 3/4 liters)
1 Bottle of Scotch Whiskey (750 ml)
1 Bottle of Tequila (1 3/4 liters)
1 Bottle of Vodka (1 3/4 liters)

(all in small bottle sizes)
Triple Sec
Creme de Menthe
Creme de Cacao

1 Bottle Dry Vermouth (small)
1 Bottle Sweet Vermouth (small)
2 Six Packs of Beer (one light, one regular)
2 Bottles of White Wine
2 Bottles of Red Wine
1 Bottle of Champagne


1 Bottle of Brandy
1 Bottle of VSOP Cognac
1 Bottle of Dry English Gin
1 Bottle of Irish Whiskey
1 Bottle of Dark Rum (Jamaican)
1 Bottle of Gold Rum
1 Bottle of White Rum
1 Bottle of Blended Scotch Whiskey
1 Bottle of Tennessee Whiskey
1 Bottle of Gold Tequila
1 Bottle of White Tequila
1 or 2 Bottles of Premium Vodka (to be stored in the freezer)

small bottles of each of the following:
Plum Brandy
Creme de Cassis
Peppermint Schnapps
Peach Schnapps

1 small bottle of Dubbonet
1 small bottle of Lillet
1 small bottle of Campari
1 Bottle of Cream Sherry
1 Bottle of Port
1 Bottle of Madeira
1 Bottle of Table Wine
1 Bottle of Dessert Wine
1 Bottle of Dry Red Wine
1 Bottle of Sweet Red Wine
1 Bottle of Dry White Wine
1 Bottle of Sweet White Wine
Several bottles of Champagne

Bloody Mary Mix
Club Soda
Cranberry Juice Cocktail
Cream, heavy
Cream, light
Cream of Coconut
Ginger Ale
Grapefruit Juice
Lemon Juice
Lime Juice
Orange Juice
Almond Syrup
Passionfruit Juice
Pina Colada Mix
Pineapple Juice
Seltzer Water
7 Up
Sour Mix
Tomato Juice
Tonic Water (Quinine)
Water, Distilled

Angustora Bitters
Orange Bitters
Maraschino Cherries
Cinnamon Sticks
Ice, Crushed or Cubes
Lemons, fresh
Limes, fresh
Nutmeg, ground
Onions, Pickled Pearl
Worcestershire Sauce


Choose from this list, keeping it as you make your choices. Take it shopping so that you will remember everything and be able to choose as you go, leaving some things off and not forgetting those that are important. Remember, this is your home bar. You want it to work for you.

Of course, if you have the cash and the desire, you can just build the bar as it is listed here. This is the complete bar stocking guide as they use when building a bar in a nightclub. If you aim to be the best darned bartender in the hood then you can always go whole hog. Just remember to have fun... and to drink sensibly. And never drive after drinking! That is the best purpose of building the home bar.. you save money on high priced nightclub drinks and you drink at home where you are safe. ENJOY!

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