Thursday, February 25, 2010

Making Low Calorie Cocktails

First of all, the secret to making low calorie cocktails is in knowing the calorie content of liquors and mixers. Without this, you are dependant upon others to provide you with the recipes and you are limited in your ability to create your own. As a good bartender, you should be eager to create drinks, both those that have been designed by others as well as new ones you make up yourself. So the first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with the calorie contents on this list:

Liquors: (1 1/2 oz serving sizes):

80 proof liquors 97 calories
86 proof liquors 105 calories
90 proof liquors 110 calories
94 proof liquors 116 calories
100 proof liquors 124 calories

Other liquors and serving sizes:

Aromatic Bitters (1 tsp) 13 calories
Beer (lager - 12 oz) 151 calories
Beer (light - 12 oz) 98 calories
Sweet Liqueurs 1 oz 106 calories
Creme de Menthe 1 oz 100 calories
Sloe Gin 1 oz 68 calories
Amaretto 1 oz 82 calories
Vermouth, Dry 1 oz 33 calories
Vermouth, Sweet 1 oz 44 calories
Wine, Sherry 2 oz 80 calories
Wine, Dry 3 1/2 oz 87 calories

Wine, Sweet (dessert 2 oz) 80 calories
Champagne (25 proof; 3 1/2 oz) 91 calories

Mixers (average serving sizes):

Club Soda (any size) 0 calories
Cola (12 oz can) 144 calories
Cranberry Juice (2 oz) 37 calories
Diet Cola (any size) 0 calories
Lemon Juice (1 tbsp) 4 calories
Lime Juice ( tbsp) 4 calories
Orange Juice (2 oz) 28 calories
Ginger Ale (12 oz can) 113 calories
Heavy Cream (1 tbsp) 53 calories
Pineapple Juice (2 oz) 34 calories
Tomato Juice (2 oz) 12 calories
Tonic Water (12 oz can) 113 calories

Many of the drinks presented on this blog are relatively low in calories. The exception might be cream drinks, blender drinks or drinks with cola. Overall, you can lower the overall calorie count in any drink by using liquors with lower alcohol percentages. 80 proof liquor is substantially lower in calories than 100 proof liquor especially if someone is to drink more than a couple drinks. You can also lower the calorie count of any drink by mixing it with basics like club soda, lemon juice (without sugar) or tomato juice. Another method that you might employ would be to simply cut the overall amount of alcohol by serving, say, 1 ounce of Rum in a recipe rather than 1 1/2 ounces. Simply by doing this you have lowered the alcohol count by an average of 32. I would not recommend this in a bar serving situation where someone employs you or you serve the public, paid or not. Under these circumstances, bar protocol will dictate how much liquor goes into every drink.

First and foremost, be imaginative. There are many ways to mix and match ingredients to make excellent cocktails that are inherently lower in calories. Here are examples of some of the most popular low calorie drinks. You can find their recipes on this blog by entering the name into the search field on the sidebar or you can locate recipes containing certain ingredients by choosing from the label cloud also on the sidebar. Here's to getting you started:

Bloody Mary
Bull Shot
Campari and Soda
Champagne Cocktail
Cranberry Splash
Dubonnet Cocktail
Dubonnet Manhatten
The French Summer
Gin Rickey
Good and Plenty
Harbor Light
Java Cooler
Jelly Bean
Lion Tamer
Mint Julep
Picon Orange
Port Sangaree
Scotch and Soda
Tequila Popper
Turkey Shooter
Virgin Mary
Whiskey and Water
Wine Cooler
Xeres Cocktail

These are just a few examples. There are many more presented on this blog and elsewhere on the web. Use the web search by google presented on the sidebar of this blog.

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  1. Best thing to mix into a bloody mary hands down is TY KU Soju. It has such a lighter taste and is also 40% fewer calories than regular vodka. It's also amazing plain with muddles fruit, almost like a mock mojito! Best discovery of 2011.