Monday, September 5, 2011

How to Make a Great Shooter

As popular as shooters are, they aren't for everybody.  In fact, many people think you have to be brave or looking for a blackout to start drinking shooters.  But the truth is there is very little difference between a shooter and a regular cocktail except that shooters are usually sweeter and richer and easier to "shoot" down!  They have many of the same ingredients and exactly the same amount of alcohol as a regular drink.  The only big difference is that you "shoot" it down rather than sip it.  This gets people drunk faster, especially if they drink several in a row.

The trick to making great shooters is to pay attention to the details.  They should be served in a "tooter", a shot glass or small glassware like snifters.  They are easier to shoot down in a tooter but the presentation isn't as seductive as a shot glass, where you can top it with whipped cream or show off layers of color.  You can create your own shooters or you can use popular recipes like sex on the beach or kamikaze.  Any popular sweet drink can be made into a shooter by reducing the measurements accordingly and adding something extra like the whipped cream or by layering the alcohol in the shot glass.  Lemon Drops are popular when you layer the alcohol into a shot glass, floating the Vodka on top and setting it on fire.  But any sweet creamy or sweet colorful drink can be translated into a shooter very easily.

Remember that the secrets to a great shooter are first the presentation, second the glassware and third the ingredients.  Silk Panties, for instance, is a creamy white drink that reminds you of white silk panties.  It is mixed into a shooter or tooter where it has a sexual implication and then the ingredients are peach scnapps and sambuca which give it a provacative smell and taste.  Watch people just shoot these down!

So do you have ideas of popular drinks that you like or that your customers like that you would like to convert to a shooter?  If you come up with a good one, email me at the link on the sidebar and I promise to add it to this blog with a credit and link to your own site or page if you like.

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